Great Lacrosse Gifts for the Holiday/Christmas

The holiday’s are coming up and what better way to show your love ones you care by giving them the gear that truly represent their lifestyle-lacrosse. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or any other holiday, finding awesome gifts may be hard. Here is a brief list […]

Lacrosse Apparel and Clothing Brand

Lacrosse Apparel and Clothing Brand Medicine Man Lacrosse

Medicine Man Lacrosse, a new lacrosse apparel brand is set to launch June 2oth, 2012. A new fixture in the lacrosse clothing market, Medicine Man Lacrosse aims to transition high quality apparel as a means to expand and elevate the game. Organizing […]

How to String a Lacrosse Stick

How to String a Lacrosse Stick by Medicine Man Lacrosse

We found another great video that may help teach beginning lacrosse players how to string a lacrosse stick. Posted by Medicine Man Lacrosse, this video illustrates one technique with great pictures and decent descriptions . Its always good knowledge to […]

Lax Camp Checklist: What to Bring to Lacrosse Camps

Lacrosse Camp Checklist Summer is here and Lacrosse Camps have already begun. If you are new to the summer lacrosse camp scene you may be wondering what you should bring. You should check your summer lacrosse camp website to see what the camp offers and advises you to bring. Here […]

Lacrosse Conditioning: Lacrosse Training Program

Lacrosse Conditioning: Improving Lacrosse Speed

Lacrosse, the fastest game on two feet require athletes who have the quick footwork and explosive speed necessary to be successful at this sport.

In the last few years the importance of lacrosse conditioning have become widely known and incorporated into […]

Lacrosse Cradle: Beginner Lacrosse

Lacrosse Cradling: Lacrosse Basics

The Lacrosse Cradle refers to the motion of the shoulder, bicep, forearm and wrist moving the lacrosse head in such a way that the centrifugal force maintains the ball position in the stick. It is a very important aspect of lacrosse because it controls […]

Lacrosse Ground Ball: Beginner Lacrosse

Scooping Lacrosse Ground Balls

1. Hand Position

When scooping a lacrosse ground ball, the bottom hand should be placed around the butt end. The top hand should be placed just below the throat of the stick. These two hand positions will ensure good control and protection […]

Lacrosse Catching: Beginner Lacrosse

Lacrosse Catching: Beginner Lacrosse Basics

The 4 points outlined here describe the proper lacrosse catching mechanics aimed at helping beginning lacrosse players learn to catch properly. Without learning the basic lacrosse catching fundamentals, it becomes difficult in excel in any other part of the game. Working on the […]

Lacrosse Passing: Beginner Lacrosse

Lacrosse Passing: Lacrosse Basics

The 4 points outlined here describe the proper lacrosse passing mechanics aimed at helping beginning lacrosse players learn to pass properly. Without learning the basic lacrosse passing fundamentals, it becomes difficult in excel in any other part of the game. Working on the improvement […]

Split Dodge: Lacrosse Dodges


Split Dodge: Lacrosse Dodging Effectively

The split dodge is a lacrosse dodge that allows an offensive player to separate from his defender giving him time and space to shoot or pass. The split dodge is the most effective and widely used lacrosse dodge lax players […]

Lacrosse Game Basics: The Game, Field and Equipment

Lacrosse Basics

Lacrosse Is played by two teams of 10 players each. The purpose of each team is to score by causing the ball to enter the goal of its opponent and to prevent the other team from securing the ball and scoring. A goal counts one point. […]

Lacrosse Rules: Technical Lacrosse Fouls

Lacrosse Rules and Regulations

Technical fouls are those of a less serious nature than personal fouls and include all violations of the rules except those specifically listed as personal or ejection fouls.

The penalty for a technical foul shall be either a 30-second suspension of the […]

Lacrosse Rules: Personal Lacrosse Fouls

Lacrosse Rules and Regulations

Personal Fouls are those of a serious nature: illegal in body checking, slashing, cross checking, tripping, unnecessary roughness, unsportsmanlike conduct and the use of an illegal crosse

The penalty for a personal foul is suspension from the game of the offending player […]

Lacrosse Tournaments: List of Summer Lacrosse Tournaments 2011

Summer Lacrosse Tournaments 2011


Battle of the Hotbeds

July 24-27, 2011, DE

Beach Lax Festival

June 11-12, 2011, MD

Brine Shootout Session

July 17-20, July 24-27, 2011 MD

Chocolate Town Shootout


Lacrosse Camps: 2011 Summer Lacrosse Camps


Lacrosse Summer Camps 2011

Lax season is just about over, and its now time to begin looking at Summer Lacrosse Camps and preparing for next season. Lacrosse Summer Camps are great opportunities that allow players to learn and re-learn the basics that will improve their […]

Lacrosse Terminology: Beginner Lacrosse

Lacrosse Terms and Vocabulary

Here is a brief list of all the important lacrosse terminology one should be familiar with. Take these lacrosse terms and impress your friends with your new knowledge and be sure to impart your wisdom on those less fortunate.



Head […]

Online Lacrosse Games: Watch More Lacrosse Online

Can’t get enough Lacrosse? Luckily, Espn 3 is offering more than 40 full length professional and collegiate lacrosse games online for free. However, you must be already a subscriber and have your network provider in the category that Espn 3 offers. Check it out, it may be worth […]

Lacrosse Wall Review: Importance of Repetitve Practice

Lacrosse Wall and the Rebounder Wall


It goes without being said that practice is the key to success in anything you hope to do well. British Researchers have now revealed that they believe it takes 10,000 hours of practice for a person to become an ace at […]

How to Build a Lacrosse Goal: Using $30 Constructively

Build a Lacrosse Goal: Cheap Goals



Purchasing a Lacrosse Goal can be one of the most intelligent decisions a person can make if he or she envisions playing Lacrosse at a top level. The key to success is repetition […]

How to Buy a Lacrosse Stick: Choosing the Perfect Wand

How to Buy a Lacrosse Stick

With an ever expanding line of new lacrosse sticks every season, choosing a Lacrosse stick can be overwhelming. Each company tries to bombard you with “lax specs” and the “newest bestest feature” that will improve your game which ultimately does nothing more than cloud […]

Cheap Lacrosse: Youth Helmets

Cheap Lacrosse: Youth Helmets

The game of lacrosse can be physical, even at the youth level where players are required to wear helmets. Head injuries are a huge concern for parents in almost all sports, but in lacrosse (with stick checking), its important that your […]

Lacrosse Helmet EyeShield: Bucket Visor Review

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Your middie just decked this fool catching a clear and now he’s coming down the lane setting up a fast break. Bam, he dishes the pass to the anchor attacker now looking to feed your perfectly positioned body for that ESPN highlight goal. But, uh uh that […]

Mini Lacrosse Sticks: A Great Gift For Small Children

Best Value

Right off the bat, the best bang for your buck is the STX Fiddlestx Set. This Mini Lacrosse Stick Set comes complete with everything you need to have a great time . The price is set around $60.00 which is a steal when looking at other sets with […]

How To: String a Lacrosse Head in 26 Easy Steps


String a Lacrosse Head with Mesh


Lacrosse head

Mesh ( Stretch out thoroughly/ wash in hair conditioner if need be)

(2) 33″ top string (More or less)

(2) 25″ cross lace for sidewall

11″ bottom string

(2) Shooting strings


For another stringing article […]

Lacrosse Field Dimensions


Lacrosse Positions on the Field

Lacrosse Field Dimensions

Men’s Lacrosse is played on a field 110 yards long by 60 yards wide.

Midfield Line

The midfield line, marked in red divides the length of the field in half. The marking ” […]