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Lacrosse Conditioning: Improving Lacrosse Speed

running drillsLacrosse, the fastest game on two feet require athletes who have the quick footwork and explosive speed necessary to be successful at this sport.

In the last few years the importance of lacrosse conditioning have become widely known and incorporated into the lacrosse practice regimen.  Commitment to weight training, quickness and speed drills are necessary to compete at one’s highest potential and stay off the bench.

Lacrosse conditioning and speed drills should be designed to help improve players agility and quickness as well as increasing scoring opportunities.

Off season lacrosse conditioning programs should be designed to help the athletes by meeting the following goals
1) Reducing the chances of injury
2) Maintaining season strength levels
3) Improving the ability to maintain speed and power late in the season

It’s very important to perform lacrosse conditioning drills that strengthen the muscles that make the linear and lateral movements on the field more efficient.  To excel the lower body must have the strength and power to consistently change the direction of movement.

A good player must also be able to change from linear speed to lateral speed quickly and effectively without straining muscles or injuring bone.

Athletes looking to play at an elite level or perhaps be awarded a college scholarship should seriously consider investing in lacrosse conditioning programs. Players wishing to improve their quickness and agility must train at an elite level during the offseason. Too many players idle during the summer and fall seasons not practicing at their peak. To dedicated laxers, the off season is a time to train, pushing yourself to your highest potential and working on areas that need improvement.

One such lacrosse conditioning program to help improve a players quickness and agility is Alex Maroko and Kelly Baggett’s new Truth About Quickness Insider’s system. It’s a 48 week program tailored specifically for athletes to can achieve faster, quicker, and more agile movements. The guide containing 10 components covers everything from dieting, flexibility, equipment free workouts, 48 weeks of programming, a training log chart and more.

The main point is that lacrosse players need to work out during the off season if they wish to play well during the season. There is no magic potion to increase speed, it comes down to sweat and effort. You get what you put into it. There is much information currently available online regarding workouts and quickness drills. However, players will see better results from a structured program specifically tailored to help them improve their speed. Additionally, people tend to work harder for the things they must pay for. Think of it as an investment, and that if you put your hard-earned cash towards it, you are more likely to work hard at it and see a return.


Truth about quickness and speed

Practice, Practice, Practice!


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